MKSU Counseling and Mental Health Services are geared towards addressing students’ personal or emotional challenges that get in their way and hinder them from realizing their full academic and personal potential. Students accessing counseling services are either seen as individual clients or in group in a single session or several sessions depending on the issue being addressed. Most clients seek counseling services on voluntary basis whereas other clients are referred by their friends, the staff or peer Educators. Whatever the impetus, it takes courage to attend counseling, and it takes dedication to see it through.

Students pursue counseling for a variety of reasons. Some may enter therapy to address major life changes, such as relationships, and others may seek help in managing mental health conditions, like depression, stress or suicidal thoughts.

The step one takes to seek for counseling and mental health services can promote self-actualization, empower self-growth, improve relationships, and reduce emotional suffering.

All counseling cases are treated with utmost confidentiality.


The MKsU Counseling and Mental Health Center is highly dedicated to provide the highest quality counseling services in a safe, supportive and trusting environment that promotes the emotional, relational and academic potential of all students.

We are committed to the core values of Confidentiality, respect, responsiveness, innovation, and quality to enhance the unique experience of each individual Student at MksU .