Bonjour. Its an honor to welcome you to the Student Association of Machakos University, particularly the Treasurer’s office.

The aforementioned office is constitutionally mandated to carry out various activities critical to the operations of the Association.

The office Accepts subscriptions and donations in the name of the Association with the approval of the Executive Committee and its also a mandatory signatory to all withdrawals from the students’ accounts.

Accountability and transparency is also a very critical part of the Treasury.To ensure we achieve the same, the office submits an up-to-date statement of accounts and reports indicating income and expenditure for each academic semester for approval by the Student council. We also ensure that all books of accounts are made available for inspection by the appointed auditor at all reasonable times, provided that a written notice has been given seven (7) days in advance to the Treasuer. We also prepare a financial statement for the Annual General Association meeting.

As an association, we acknowledge the fact that Machakos University hosts a large number of Needy students who are not adequately able to raise funds for their fees. The treasurer’s office through the Bursary Allocation Committee makes sure that funds are sourced through subscriptions and various investments in order to fund the Bursary kitty.

As the Student Governing Council, we believe that, ‘The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra’. We therefore put in that little extra to ensure that a comrade’s experience at Machakos University is Extraordinary.