Office of SAMU

The name of the Association shall be Students’ Association of Machakos University (SAMU).

Office of SAMU

The SAMU head office is located at the main campus of Machakos University; whose address is P. O. Box 136-90100 MACHAKOS.

Objectives of SAMU

The main objectives of SAMU  are to:

Protect the individual and collective rights of MksU students;
Promote students’ welfare and safeguard their rights and freedoms.
Provide meaningful address of student concerns and perspectives through the principle of democratic representation.
Seek and undertake representation and/or participation in organs of the University.
Foster observance of shared goals and ideals of MksU students.
Promote mutual exchange of ideas in the fields of education, research, innovation, and community service.
Create ways and means through which leadership qualities and talents are nurtured.
Develop positive attitude towards the community through participation in community service and/or giving back to the community.
Raise funds through legal and university approved means in order to sustain students’ activities.
Inculcate a sense of corporate responsibility among students.
Enhance leadership and management skills and competences among the students.
Encourage the interaction of students of different cultures, creed, religion, and races.