Spiritual leadership in Machakos University is provided by Chaplains. Their services revolve around spiritual guidance and conducting worship services in the university. The Currently, we have Chaplains in Christian Union (CU), Catholic Students Association (CSA), Seventh Day Adventists (SDA), and Muslim Students Association (MSA).

Christian Union

Machakos University Christian Union constitutes a group of committed young men and women living for God and pursue a holy life. Christian Union was started way back when Machakos University was a Technical Training Institute. Since then, it has undergone tremendous growth. Nowadays, it has huge membership which is growing in tandem with the University. The Union has full mandate to administer discipleship care to its members, both old and new. Membership to the Union is open to everyone who is born again and professes Jesus Christ as Saviour. Within the Christian Union there are various ministries in which members engage in, in their service to God. Welcome.


Catholic Students Association

The Catholic Student Association (CSA) is a student-run Catholic group at Machakos University. Centered on ‘agape’, we are dedicated to foster a community of worship, social justice, faith development, and family for students of Machakos University, both Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Our office is housed at the University. Every Catholic student is automatically a member of CSA, but you are encouraged to take an active role in our organization to take advantage of the perks that come with being an active and engaged member. We strive to promote Catholicism through on-campus events intended to unite the Catholic community in a more public fashion. Our events are centered around catering to the intellectual and spiritual growth of our community through social activities and acts of service.

Seventh Day Adventists

The Machakos University SDA group has a long standing culture of evangelistic missions that are done regularly with the view of spreading the gospel and as part of community service. The campaigns always capture gospel preaching, bible training, free medical and other forms of community service.

Muslim Students Association

Welcome to the web page of the Muslim Students Association at Machakos University. Our purpose is to serve Allah (God) in the best way possible through the principles laid out in the Holy Quran and Sunnah (the authentic traditions and examples of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him). We are committed to bringing Muslims and non-Muslims on campus together to foster dialogue and promote a better understanding of Islam by non-Muslims, and of other religions and cultures by Muslims. We offer an intellectual and political space for students to relax, unwind and expand their minds. We diligently participate in activities that help foster, cultivate and contribute successfully to the true meaning of Islam. Our goal is to become a model for all Muslim students and to serve humanity by spreading the message of Islam: there is no God but Allah and Muhammad (pbuh) is His messenger.